Some films that marked the decade.


The Blue Lagoon-Emmeline and Richard, two children together with Paddy Button, an old sailor, are the only survivors of a shipwreck. After being adrift for several hours, they will stop on an island in the South Pacific. The opposite side of the island is inhabited by natives who practice certain sacrifices in their rituals, but at no time, they are threat to the castaways. Some time later, Paddy turns up dead, leaving two children alone. The two children grow, they begin to discover love and have a son together.
One day when they go for a walk by the sea, they lose the oars and are carried by the tide. At one point the son of Richard and Emmeline eat the "forbidden fruit" that Paddy Button, before dying, said it would cause death if ingested. Desperate, the parents eat the fruit also to not suffer to see the possible death of the child.

The Blue Brothers-After leaving jail Jake finds his brother Elwood and together go to the orphanage where they were created. There, they discover that the site will be closed if a debt of $ 5000 with the city is not paid. As the nun who runs the orphanage can’t accept in any way earned money dishonestly, Jake and Elwood decided to resume the Blues Brothers Band, the intention of making a great show and raise the amount needed to pay the debt.


Raiders of the Lost Ark-In 1936, archaeologist Indiana Jones is sent by the U.S. government to find the Ark of the Covenant, according to the scriptures, containing the Ten Commandments that Moses brought from Mount Sinai. But as the legend says that the army have to be invincible, Indiana Jones will have as an opponent in the quest the Nazi army, on mission at the behest of Adolf Hitler himself.

Endless Love
Young couple falls madly in love, but David Axelrod has 17 years old and Jade has 15, so sometimes it is difficult to go beyond this love. So it has relationships within her home. Who first discovers what is happening is Ann, the mother of Jade, who happily accepts this situation. But this novel is not accepted by Hugh, the father of Jade. One day the situation explodes and Hugh tells Jade that she may not receive the boyfriend. Then David, in an obsessive way, creates a plan to stay in the good graces of her family, but the results are dramatic.


E.T.-The Extra-Terrestrial-An alien lost on Earth makes friends with a boy of ten years, which protects all forms to prevent it from being captured and turned into a guinea pig by the U.S. Secret Service. The boy helps the ET to return to his planet.

First Blood- The veteran John Rambo back from the Vietnam War after fleeing a camp of war a few years before. He goes to the United States where demand for an old army buddy, but his attempt is unsuccessful because his friend died when traveling south. Rambo is unjustly arrested by a sheriff for being in their city, but manages to escape and is now being hunted by police. When they begin to pursue him, he promotes a real war not only against the police, but also to the sheriff who arrested him. He ends up hurting them by calling the attention of the army, his old commander, who now seeks to help the army and local police to arrest him. Rambo now fight with anyone who stood in his way and against a whole city, causing panic and destruction, which is what he does best.

FlashDance-A girl of willpower and talent makes every effort to realize the dream of becoming a ballerina. For this, during the day, she worked as a night worker and works as a dancer in nightclubs. Throughout the film, she becomes involved with her boss, Nick, and is preparing to apply for a prestigious dance school.

Christine-It is not an ordinary automobile. Christine is a car that includes among its facilities a destructive evil force. With its shimmering beauty, Christine seduces its owner and will spare no cruelty to eliminate whoever stands between them.

Karate Kid- The young Daniel Larusso and his mother recently moved to Newark, New Jersey for the region of the San Fernando Valley in Southern California. However, Daniel is unable to acclimatise to their new abode, until he meets Ali Mills, an attractive girl who likes him. However, the situation is complicated when Ali's ex-boyfriend, Johnny Lawrence and his gang start to haunt him. One day, when it is surrounded by the gang from Johnny, he is saved by a Miyagi, a veteran Japanese master the art of karate. Willing to help Daniel, Miyagi resolves to pass him the teachings of karate, so he can defend himself from Johnny’s gang

Back to the future -Marty McFly is a typical American teenager of the 80s, which is sent back in time to 1955, for an invention (the DeLorean) of the eccentric Dr. Brown. While in the past, Marty must take care not to interfere in anything, so that the future is not changed. However, his future mother falls in love with him, and things start to go wrong.

Commando-Col. John Matrix is a retiree who lives a decade ago for Jenny Matrix, his daughter. Suddenly she is kidnapped by Arius, a former Latin American dictator who hopes to regain power, and that for this blackmails Matrix, ordering him to kill President Velasquez, the current president. But John fled the plane and has only 11 hours to recover before they discover that Jenny escaped and do not want to commit murder. In his attempt only find obstacles along the way and the only person who is on your side is Cindy, a flight attendant.
Highlander-Connor MacLeod, a Scottish warrior from the sixteenth century, is immortal, and after some time, he finds  Juan Ramirez, immortal like him. Ramirez teaches him how to wield a sword, since the only way to kill an immortal is cutting his head. After a few centuries, there is an enemy, immortal like them, and he want to decapitate Connor, to become the only immortal on earth.

Karate Kid 2-Daniel travels toward Japan with his teacher, Miyagi, whose father is between life and death. There he becomes involved with a former enemy of the master, who tries to take revenge from him again.

Dirty Dancing- Frances Houseman, known as Baby, is experiencing a family vacation at a resort in the Catskills. One day she finds out where the hotel staff have fun and dance, and falls in love with Johnny, the dance instructor. When Johnny's dance partner becomes pregnant, getting involved with one of the waiters, the partner asks to Baby dance in her place. But Baby's father, when he discovers, doesn’t approve, considering that Johnny irresponsible because it believes that Johnny got pregnant her partner and asked her to do an abortion.

Robocop-Robocop, the police of the future tells the story of Alex Murphy, a cop who works the streets of Detroit. After a chase to the suspects in a bank robbery, Alex is brutally slain on arrival at Old Mill (where the gang hid), and his right hand blown off and soon after his right arm pulled shots with his arms and chest shot, still alive and had taken a direct hit on the skull to give the order to Murphy by the gang of manic Clarence Boddicker. Since officially dead, Alex is transformed by the OCP (Omni Consumer Products), a powerful multinational installed in Detroit in a modern and powerful cyborg crime-fighting, named Robocop, which boasts the latest technology and firepower. Robocop takes on the role of defender of law and order in the streets of Detroit decadent, which is eaten by crime and corruption. But Robocop ends up being tormented by memories of Alex Murphy, his true identity. From there begins a relentless hunt for its perpetrators. Revenge becomes his main target.


Die Hard- At Christmas, the New York cop John McClane goes to visit his wife Holly Gennero in Los Angeles. There he goes to a party at her place of employment, the Nakatomi Plaza, a giant multinational. But when he is there, German terrorists led by Hans Gruber and Ernst Gruber kidnap the building intending to steal U.S. $ 600,000,000.00 in shares. Only John McClane can fight the terrorists.

From the Files of Police Squad!-Frank Drebin, an incompetent police detective tries to stop a plan to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II of England, who is visiting the country. The mastermind of the plan is Vincent Ludwig, a tycoon who intends to use a baseball player who underwent brainwashing.


Back To The Future Part II- The scientist Doc Brown takes Marty and his girlfriend for the year 2015 with the purpose of resolving a family issue in their future. But Biff, old enemy of the family, forces them to run against time to not change the facts.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade-Indy's Nazi enemies are back and have kidnapped his father, Professor Henry Jones Sr., to assist them in their quest for the Holy Grail. Following the lead of America to Venice to the deserts of the Holy Land, it's up to Indy to save his father, save the Grail and save the day.


Back to the Future Part III- After receiving a letter dated 1885 Doc, Marty travels to the Far West, on September 2 of that year, having only five days to save yourself and your friends and back to the future.

The Bonfire of the Vanities

-Sherman McCoy is a major Wall Street broker who earns millions in commissions and has his life changed abruptly when to go with Maria Ruskin, his mistress, Manhattan, the wrong way and ends up in the Bronx. There he runs over a black, making this fact is the starting point of their destruction and also the beginning of the meteoric rise of Peter Fallow, a unknown journalist.