Behavior and young fashion in the '80s

The rise of pop rock and rebirth after the punk contributed to the spread of visual and behavior that characterize the 80. The mullet hair style, worn by singers and musicians, and prevalence in fashion colors of citrus and shoulder pads, derived from the aesthetics of new wave, one of the subgenres of pop-rock eighties, are examples of such visual characteristics that differentiated the 80, the Like tufts with grease, the scooters and leather jackets characterized the '50s. 

With the advent of "health generation," the cult of the body and the youth became one of the foibles of the season. Not only the culture of gyms, but also the use of pieces of sports clothing became fashionable. The overlapping parts in women's clothing took to the streets, popularized mainly by visual Madonna. 

But that was not the look of the young has changed. Early in that decade, new technologies of communication and entertainment have changed lifestyles and ways of doing business and cultures closer. These technological innovations, especially along with the music, fashion and film, pop culture helped to consolidate as a global phenomenon and dominant from the 80s.